Abwasserbehandlung der Getränkeindustrie

Wastewater treatment of textile industry

Comparing the water consumption of various industries, the textile industry is at the forefront of waste producers.

Wastewater from the textile industry has a large variance in its composition. In addition to dyes, textile wastewater contains surfactants, acids, alkalis, mineral oils and heavy metals. These may be present in dissolved, half-dissolved or undissolved form. If wastewater is present in a strong acidic or alkaline medium, it must be neutralized. This can occur through a shift in the pH-value.

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Current experience from the research project EFRE:

The aim was to develop a low-energy demonstration plant for treatment and recovery of wastewater. For accurate data collection, a half-scale sized pilot plant was locally installed to make a perfect design of the plant possible. For more information, please see the following link.

Suitable reactor: