Abwasserbehandlung der Getränkeindustrie

Wastewater treatment of dairy

Dairies are characterized by large volume of wastewater streams with low COD concentrations. Strongly fluctuating pH levels as well as large fat and protein concentrations are typical.

Aerobic processes for wastewater (pre)treatment in the milk industry are most preferred to date. For economic reasons, more and more anaerobic systems are being established.

In addition to the significantly lower operating costs, biogas generated during the process is a key criterion for the anaerobic degradation. This process also reduces complexity and adds stability to the plant.

The particular composition of the wastewater requires a specific configuration of the reactor type. The mixture of easily degradable substances, such as sugars, organic acids and proteins, requires a corresponding process technology in order to construct cost-effective systems. ACS-Umwelttechnik has established itself as a pioneer in this reactor technology.

The ACS Lipothan reactor was designed specifically for this type of wastewater composition. It enables the purification of proteins and is therefore well suited for dairies and other milk processing industries.

Suitable reactor: