Biologische Abwasserreinigung

Reactor Types

A reliable technology with low maintenance and high security is the principle of the reactors of ACS-Umwelttechnik GMBH & Co. KG.

Wastewater flows through the reactor from bottom to top and is exposed to various degradation processes. End products are pre-purified sewage and valuable biogas. Depending on the amount of wastewater and freight, the reactors can be built in different sizes and the processing time can be adapted accordingly. For this reason, the plants can be individually adapted to any production and even to varying amounts of wastewater.
The special construction of the reactors allows for optimal energy efficiency without stirring or mixing devices.

Biogas is collected in the patented ACS three-phase separators and is converted outside directly to energy in the form of heat or electricity. Another advantage of the ACS separating device, for the benefit of operator safety, is the treatment of wastewater without pressure.

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EGSB Reaktor Paques IC Biothane biobed

EGSB Reactor

UASB Reaktor BIOPAQ paques biothane biobed advanced

UASB Reactor

Lipothan Reaktor biopaq afr Biobulk CSTR

Lipothan Reactor

Pellet Kollektor ic biopaq uasb egsb Biobed

Pellet collector