Abwasserbehandlung der Getränkeindustrie

Wastewater treatment in the cosmetic industry

Depending on the product, wastewater in the cosmetic industry varies greatly in its composition. It can contain solid particles such as clays or fats, surfactants, silicones, colorants and other various substances. The challenge lies in the adapted wastewater treatment.

By means of an anaerobic wastewater treatment by ACS, not only is the complex wastewater economically cleaned, but also valuable energy in the form of biogas can be produced.

In the research project ENERMIN (Energy-Use Minimization in Residuals Management in the Personal Care Product Industry), funded by the European Commission Research DG Human Resources and Mobility in collaboration with L’Oreal Paris and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, ACS-Umwelttechnik examined the degradability of different wastewater streams in the cosmetics industry by using a pilot plant and developed a tailor-made, innovative solution.

Suitable reactor: